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  About Us Winchester Wireless provides unlimited data Internet service to rural Winchester, VA and surrounding areas.  Need Internet in Winchester? Click to read about us.

Winchester Wireless is a division of Custom Computers and we have been servicing both Residential and Business clients since 1990 here in the Winchester area.  We are a full service computer integrator, so not only can we provide you internet service but we can also help get your computer or network running they way you want it to.  Our company has partnered with Motorola to bring you one of the most reliable platforms available in the wireless internet industry.  The Motorola canopy system is very unique and therefore offers broader coverage and more reliable internet service to you, the end user.  We have been offering Wireless High-speed Internet Service in the Winchester area since 2007.

Please do not mistake our service for sluggish satellite internet or expensive cellular air cards.  While each of these products are equitable options, perhaps they are not the best option for the area you live or work in.  Using 900Mhz non line-of-sight equipment, we are able to deliver internet where you may not think service is available.  Our system penetrates through trees and buildings, bringing service to many more remote locations.  Oh, and by the way, we operate our network with the same equipment that FEMA uses when they setup mobile networks in disaster relief areas.  One of our contracted tower construction engineers works with FEMA and adds valuable consulting data to our on-going growth plan.  Our service is not like other providers in the Winchester area, so if you have had a bad experience with Wireless Internet, please do not prejudge OUR service. 

We invite you to see for yourself why our service is better. . .



Motorola Canopy

How Our Network Operates

Access Point (AP)
The basic service provider piece for distribution of service to the surrounding community is the Canopy Access Point (AP) Unit. They are the brains of your Internet access network and are to be mounted in a convenient location that faces your Internet users to provide direct clear radio signals to them.

Subscriber Module (SM)
The Canopy Subscriber Module is the Internet access receiver for your Internet customers or users. The Canopy Access Point (AP) units talk to Subscriber Modules (SM) using a Point-to-MultiPoint protocol.

Backhaul Unit (BH)
When you need to provide Internet “feed” from a remote location, the Canopy Backhaul Unit gives yo the flexibility to do so. A Point-to-Point link from a remote access point to the ideal AP site.

*Note: backhaul unit is limited by distance and presence of physical obstructions.

Applications of Use

Canopy can be used where Customers or Staff Members
Need Internet Connections for their Laptops

Canopy can provide backhaul to an 802.11 “hotspot” for wireless
Internet access for mobile laptop users.

Canopy is Designed for Residential Customers
Basic Canopy service delivers Internet access to residential and SOHO(small office, home office) customers. And Canopy is so simple and so flexible, the applications for which it can be used are limited only to your imagination.

Canopy can be used for Remote Monitoring and Security
Canopy can easily provide backhaul from an Internet WebCam. This application is better known as “Canopy Vision."



Why Our Network is Better

Speed Comparison

Canopy delivers fast downloads.
Below is a speed comparison of a 5 MB file download from server to PC*.

Canopy is faster for uploads.
Below is a speed comparison of a 2.5 MB file upload from PC* to server.

Delivery Comparison:

Canopy delivers better.
With any wireless system, signal strength
fluctuates often and reception can occasionally be lost. Below is a
graph of a radio system (- not Motorola).

Canopy delivers more reliable service.
With Canopy, Internet data is delivered in small data packets that reduce interference and use a fraction of the “air time” of other systems. So, your customers and users always get fast, reliable Internet delivery.

Fast Internet delivery demands an interference-free signal. That’s where Canopy really performs. Because Canopy achieves “capture’ - delivery with no Interference - at the modest signal level, it provides fast, interference-free Internet access to your customers and users.

Interference Comparison:

Canopy reaches more customers and users.
Canopy’s high interference tolerance - combined with its directional antennas - make the best solution for serving more customers. Take a look at an example of 20 randomly positioned Access Points serving a community.

Non-Canopy scenario: Other wireless systems - with less interference tolerance and no directional antennas - experience interference from other Access Points in the area. Only customers closest to the transmitting signal can expect good service (green areas).

Canopy scenario:
Because of Canopy’s high interference tolerance and
directional antennas, adding Access Points actually increases coverage and capacity.

Clearly, Canopy is the best wireless solution.
  • It’s Faster
  • It Delivers Better
  • It Reaches More Customers and Users




For More Information regarding new tower sites coming online in the local area, or for upgrades being performed on current tower sites, please call our office and speak with a member of our staff.

Thank you for your interest in Winchester Wireless.  We look forward to having you as a customer and servicing your internet needs.



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